Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Copyright Notice

© 2007-2010. Risey Arai and :SEY. All rights reserved.

All original contents, including design concepts, textures, prims, animations and other components comprising this :SEY product package are the proprietary work of Risey Arai and associate scripters and creators.

These contents are sold, or otherwise distributed, solely by Risey Arai, for use only within the confines of the Second Life Grid, solely by Risey Arai in his :SEY stores within Second Life, or from Linden Labs-operated XstreetSL. Any of these items being resold or redistributed All products, without exception, also bear Risey Arai's name as Original Creator.
No :SEY products are distributed with full Mod/Copy/Trans permissions.

If you find any :SEY items distirbuted other than from Risey Arai, or showing a name other than Risey Arai as its creator, you know that it's pirated. Please report to Risey Arai or :SEY Manager . (It always helps if you can also get a screenshot showing your Inspect screen, too.) Your cooperation is always greatly appreciated.


International copyright laws do not require the rightholder to initiate legal procedures in person - intellectual property theft is considered a crime prosecutable without such initiative on the part of the creator or current rightholder.
We normally do not press a case with DMCA or other decisive means unless we have very good evidence, but legal procedures may be under way already on third party initiatives. These could result in very serious, very much real life consequences.

If you come across an obviously pirated item, don't wear it. Report it to the creator/right owner and to Linden Labs immediately, and tell them where you got it, so they can at least stop further propagation immediately.

There are many cases these days where the Creator name is faked - names are stolen from innocent and often prominent SL residents, and the actual copybotter can't be traced so quickly. However, it's much easier finding people in possesion of such contraband, and just a few clicks to ban/terminate. Where there is enough evidence of infringements to the Resident Terms, I have seen the Lindens act in a matter of minutes - no excuses.

Of late, Linden Lab has become very responsive to reports of intellectual property theft. It seems they now have devoted personnel for the task. And they're even more agressive going after copybots and rogue viewers. Each time they identify anyone using such software, they have a pretty tight case to terminate all accounts of the perpetrator, or go as far as to press real life legal charges. Any one reported logging on with banned software features are gone very very fast. All they have to do is check the logs for confirmation. And if you use the Emerald's Radar, for instance, you know how easy it is to identify what viewer youre using. It's also pretty easy to hear the chatter the rogue bots and viewers make. So, if anyone hands you a rogue viewer, don't ever use it, no matter how curious a kitty you might be