Monday, March 2, 2009




■All support can only be provided within ONE MONTH from the date of purchase.
■There is not the exception.
■As a principle, all sales are final, and there are to be no refunds or exchanges for any merchandise once purchased.

So, please make sure you know what you want, and make your purchases very carefully so that you are getting exactly what you want.
However, we do provide customer support in the following instances:
+ If you've ended up purchasing the same item mutiple times due to some quirk in the SL Grid
+ If the item that you've paid for hasn't arrived in your inventory
I such cases, please send manager a notecard detailing your situation. Please include the following information:
+ Full name of your avatar
+ A copy of your transaction record, showing the Transaction Number, Time and Date, Full Name of Merchandize, Ljnden$ transaction details. (To get a copy of the Transaction Record, from your viewer's World Menu, go to Account History, find and highlight the pertinent record, copy with Ctrl+C and paste to notecard inworld with Ctrl+V)
In case of multiple purchases, you will only be refunded for the error buys beyond your second purchase. If the item is transferrable, you will be asked to return the surplus item folders you received.


All :sey apparel items are NoTransfer. They can not be given away as gifts, or returned to us for refunds or exchanges. This makes all :sey clothing sales FINAL, NON-EXCHANGABLe, and NON-REFUNDABLE.
However, there are cettain recognized issues where we would like to provide you with the best support or remeditations possible. These include:
+ Where a prim attachment included in your item set can not be resized, where it should be. Most of the prim attachments on your :sey clothing articles should be resizable. Granted, many can not be resized any smaller than a certain limit because this might destroy the integrity of the entire piece, please contact us if you find a prim part that you can not resize. Perhaps it's one of the perm-shifting bugs from the Grid.
+ A system layer clothing piece isn't rezzing: This is often caused by some unresolved issue with your graphics hardware, in which case, you'll have to wait for a solution from the Lindens and/or the hardware manufacturer; or, it may be a cache crash, in hwih case, a texture rebake using Ctrl+Alt+R will do the trick quick, or you may need a cache clearing relog (from your viewer's Edit Menu > Preferences >
Network, hit the Clear Cache button, then log out once to restart the viewer for the clear to take effect). If all that fails, sorry, there isn't much we could do about it other than to wait for a solution from the Lindens.
+ A script built into the item isn't working: First, make sure you arre in a script-allowed parcel/region, because this is really a common one. If that doesn't do it, you can try resetting the script, which will work most of the time. But if you aren't sure, please contact us for support.
+ Please be aware that :sey products are basically designed and created to fit average adult Japanese shapes. Unless speciafically presented as women's wear, they are likely made to fit male figures primarily, although many items are made wirh ample design leeway to accomodate both make and female figures. However, our clothing items are most likely not suited for tiny figures, furries, children, pregnanat figures, extra-size figures, etal. As with any other brand, our clothing can not be compatible with the full spectrum of body shapes in Second Life, so please understand that it may just so happen that our items are not suited for your present shape.

As stated about, all of our apparel items at ;sey are No Transfer Items. In other categories such as the accessories lineup, some items are transferable, some are not. So please carefully confirm the contents for permission status before making your purchase.
For ALL Non-Transferable items, sales are final, non-refundable, and non-exchangeable.
We are very sorry but this would includes cases such as when you mistakenly purchased a no-transfer item as a gift but you can not give it to anybody, or if you bought it for yourself but mistakenly chose the wrong size or color. Once again, please carefully confirm what you're getting before you make your purchase.


We can not replace any items you have lost due to account suspensions, terminations, and similar instances. Neither can we transfer items from one avatar to an alternate.
We do not respond to requests for permission setting changes under any circumstance.
We do not respond to requests for custom work or customized parts at this time.
We do not sell any individual parts or items separate from their original packaging.
We do not sell any individual textures separate from its intended product.
We do not respond to requests for customized colors or textures.
Please understand that we are not obligated to respond to any complaints or demands unless there is reasonable indication pointing to some fault or shortcoming on our part. We do continue to receive a broad range of complaints and requests that we can not respond to. Some of the examples (yes, they're all for real) below may sound very far out the box, others may seem to have more legitimacy, but these are a few that we have to say "no" to:
+ But I thought it was the DEMO, do I get my money back?
+ I got a whole bunch of your clothes that I don't plan on wearing any more, can I return them and get a refund?
+ I got this as a gift, but I don't really want it. Can you buy it back from me? (In any case, we can't give you a refund if you can't present us with transactions records showing YOUR purchase)
+ I don't like the way your script works. Change it.
+ It wasn't the kind of design I imagined, can you take it back? (This sometimes happen with customers who came in to buy an item they saw in a magazine or blogpost. Please remember that such references can leave powerful impressions in your mind with stylists working hard to achieve their original images and interpretations.)
+ I bought this a present for my boyfriend/girlfiriend, but we just broke up. No need for it anymore; I'd like to return it...
+ I don't plan on coming back inworld for a while, soI won't be wearing it; I want to return it.
+ I'll leave a down payment for the item now, and come back later to pay up the remainder. Let me have the item now.
+ What do you say I trade you my necklace/lingerie/ grandmother for this item? Deal? (Yeah, we made that part up about grannies in the bargain ;p)
+ I'm clinically diagnosed with multiple personality disorder (another claimed somniambulence, really), and by God, I have absolutely no memory of buying this....
We also receive complaints, or more suggestions, where for example a customer expected to find a certain feature in a :sey item. Natural, right? Well, maybe it never crossed Risey mind or still can't figure out how to fit it into his own conceptualizations. Please understand that, as with any other designer's creations, :sey products are developed, created and sold with all the merits and insights, as well as the deficiencies and oversights, of their creator Risey Arai - as is. While your suggestions may be valuable considerations and inspirations for future creations, please take no offense if our current items lineup can not meet your ideals.
Risey Arai thanks you very much for all your kind compliments on his builds, furnitures and decors around the :sey shops and vicinity regions. We are receiving inquiries if any of these items are for sale. We're very sorry, but none of Risey Arai creations are for sale at this time, other than those items released in the :sey Store lineup. Risey is also declining all request for custom build designs and constructions.
We do not provide any support, exchanges or reimbursements of any kind to Risey Arai designs and products bearing Creator names other than Risey Arai. These are most certain to be stolen property, where designs, templates and actually rezzable objects are illicitly copied using copybots and other means. All of our designs are, properly, signed with the Creator Name, Risey Arai. Risey Arai does not sell or distribute any templates, textures, sculpts, prims or other objects, with full permission settings, whether as finished products or as product-making material. For this reason, any items sold as full perm, such as in Commerce Kits or similar packaging, along with items distributed freely and full perm in freebie boxes, are also stolen property.
We ask your cooperation in identifying and reporting to us such instances of theft and fraud, to be investigated and further reported to appropriate channels and authorities.
Theft of intellectual property is a crime, which also victimizes unwary consumers through fraudulent trade.
On behalf of all fellow creators in Second Life, spending unimaginably long, hard hours in creating products for you to enjoy and cherish, we thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

:sey Owner and Creator
Risey Arai
(Translation draft 0709 from Japanese original by Megg Enzo)