Friday, March 27, 2009

Info: itutu and itutu RR SIM Pre-openning Event

sey has opened last week unofficially,
but whole iTUTU SIM will be open on April 5th.
Celebrating the grand opening, we are planning a special event!!!
We have just decided that the event will be treasure hunting.
The event starts from April 5th and ends on April 19th.
It's going to be like collecting golden apples.
We will notify you the details shortly.
Exchange and requirements will be different for each store
so don't miss each store's notice.

This will be the notice board for the event.

risey actually designed this board.
It's kinda cute isn't it :)
This board will be placed at each store.
When you click on this, it will give you a notecard for each store's rules.
We just placed these boards, but they are not really ready yet^^;
If you don't get a note by clicking this board,
please come back next day and try again.

Thank you.