Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Release: HaruBara&HaruUsa

Hey girls.
Here is the new stuff for you.
I don't know how to describe this.
this is like a futuristic hoodie with waistcloth.
I've never seen this type of cloth, but this is sooooo cute!
You can choose to purchase from 5 different colors.
Black, brown, and blue come with rose print.
Pink and yellow come with rabit logo.
Rabit logo was designed by a ilustlator, SANEHARU.
I would wear this when I go to a live concert.
You could get more attention than anyone at the live.


先日発売したfor Girlsな服です
5色、mod copy,ok /no transferです
ウサギの方のイラストは イラストレーターのサネハルによるものです☆