Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lotsa new stuff from :sey

We have a whole bunch of new releases from :sey.

In this post:

> Judy Jeans
(for girls)
> Long Necklace
(for girls)

Updates on :sey's friends:
> DuckNipple is here!
> Haysuriza's new Sayuri pinheels
> Primitive Design
> Ayame's Lamp

Split-Bottom Jeans for Girls

Just in time for summer, the latest addition to the :sey jeans lineup are these capri-length jeans with sculpted split-bottoms. They come in four colors, each with an original print art version and a bonus plain version. Lowrisers, of course! Great with your wedgies or flipflops. But I'm wearing them without the prims with my favorite ballet boots^^

Why Judy? Because there's a Mary too in the making That's gonna make "Judy and Mary", arguably one of the best J-pop band ever. But that's another story... =^.~= MOD/COPY

Long Necklaces

Jewelled long necklaces for girls.
A cross version, that's my favorite.
P is for precious, pretty, princess... Oh, this one's mine, too =^.~= Matter of fact, I'm wearing it in the top pic sitting pretty in :sey's new princess chair (it's actually called the Camelot chair, but I call it My princess seat ;p) And R? Guess that's for Risey. Figures, it's the one with the most glitter, lol.

They come down way....
low.... like, whoaa...


And, NEW from among our friends
and around the :sey SIM on itutuRR....

Wow. 30 colors....
And for each, you get to select from 5 ribbon options, heel options, shoe width resizing. Yep, it is the width that really counts in fitting pumps like these perfectly^^ Choose from 10 vibrant colors in the main palette, 10 delicious candy tones in the light palette, and 10 deep, rich shades of reds, blues, greens in the midnight palette.
Sheer ecstasy =^.^=
Simple, elegant. So girly and sexy... Like pumps you aren't taking off, even through the heat of a hot summer night. He just wouldn't let you ;p

Try them on for youself in the Haysuriza shop at the :sey Main Store, next to :sey's own shoes section in the west side of the store =^.~= (Shown in this post: in the top pic, WMidnightRed with second ribbon option; above, SkyTurquiose with second ribbon option; in ending pic, DarkRed from main palette with all standard options.)

Duck Nipple is here!
A very welcome new addition to the :sey SIM.
it's Duck Nipple!
Many of you probably already know about the quality work that Beanster Potato does. Love those textures =^.^=

Here, I'm wearing one of Duck Nipple's Spring minidresses, with their knit socks. Sorry you can't really see the kewwt details on those stocking prims.
Visit her new Duck Nipple shop to the north of the :sey mainstore, across the channel, or take the TP from one of our entrance lobbies. It's next to Geyer Schnyder's Primitive Designs.

And speaking of Geyer, check out this new
Candy-Cross Necklace from Primitive Design
Risey (below) delights in his colored gem version, I got on my white gem version. Simply too kewwwl! Thanks Geyer =^.^=

With easy scripted resizing

New from Ayame Design
Multifunctional Outdoor Lamp
Our scripter, Ayame Iwish's main store is back in the new Okinawa SIM =^.^= Her latest creation is this lamp with visitor detection, online status indicator, messenger, clock, and oh yeah, an automatic lighting system XD
Ayame'Design, Okinawa(149,87,25)

....That's All Folks!
Cya on the next one =^.~=Megg