Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Release: Drummer's case

Three Drummer Bags: The 18in Drumcase, 13in Drumcase, and the Drummer's Trunk Case. All with scripted 8-textures change, and 5-pose change.

Risey was telling me about this drum case he was coveting over for months back around when he was in junior high. But they were so expensive, he could never afford - especially not at a time when the imperative for your average 14 year old was to get the latest release video games, manga, and afterschool fixes of junk food at the CVS, LOL. Yeah, sounds familiar =^.^= artisans turn ornary instrument cases into very fashionable items that go for pretty steep prices. Well, at least one of young Risey's holy grails is now a reality, well Second Reality, at least =^.~=

高かったんだよね 高額なバッグよりゲームだし

ハードケースも 女のコサイズにしました
なんとなく ビヅアル的にw

相変わらずプチマニアックというか 俺俺品で


Risey apologizes for the personal maniac intensity of this latest release, LOL. Hell yeah, he was AWOL for days working on this new series, and they are INTENSE - check out the even obsessive realism of the sculpted 3D details, for instance =^.~= The 13-inch case and the trunk case have been scaled smaller, so they're great for girls, too.