Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Release "Crawlers" unisex hoodie


Crawlers! Because Spring is right around the corner is why?
It's like you want something to keep the sometimes still chilly winds out, but hey, it's getting plenty warm, wtf, I'll just wear it on bare skin =^.~= is the way Risey sees this piece.
Well, her highness Megg's been watching the Winter Games, and she sees it more like apres ski, just out of a hot soak in the tub, something you toss on lazily in lieu of a bathrobe, heading out for some quality time in front of the fireplace^^

Once again, this item comes with a range of prim options, created separately for male and female shapes. They're boxed separately, too, so you can open them up into different folders.

There's a backprint version, and a plain back version.
You can go with or without the stripes on your sleeves.
A tighter or looser fit - girls might prefer the looser silhouette shirt layer because it won't cling unnaturally to your tummy below your bust. But either way, Risey's spent a lot of time to map out the shirt layer and bottom prim textures to blend naturally with any combination, worn low or high^^
Well, experiment, and find the fit that you like =^.^=

Use the menu for resizing the prims in your current wardrobe, and delete the script when you're done. Just make sure you keep a copy of the original somewhere safe^^b That way, you can always come back for another resize after a bit too many beers and pizzas. Yes, :SEY strives to be your carb-safe brand of choice! LOL


ゆるーく着たい人、とか 女の子にオススメしてます
リサイズスクリプトは 調整後削除する事をお勧めします

デザインは最初 ナポレオンでボタンまで作ってあったんだけど
袖にシワ描きすぎて変更にT T

Hair&Casquette/:SEY,FA (Coming soon!)
Tattoo/Garden of Ku