Saturday, May 1, 2010

Discounted prices & new group freebee

Hello there,

I'd like to say thank you all for supporting us.
Some of old items got discounted prices now.
Please check out the list.

Although please understand there will be no refund of the difference if you have purchased them already.
Also, there is a free gift on the counter based on my old items.
Some of existing free gifts will be replaced in few days so be hurry!
I hope you will enjoy them all.



☛FREE(group member)---------------------------------

:sey Vneck knit "smile"=pink & blue=
:sey RRR-brown
:sey RRR-Purple
:sey LOxKE=7=


:sey Standard V  150L$ >> 100L$
:sey Hoodie "SANZU" 250L$ >> 200L$
:seyZip up=soul= 250L$ >> 150L$
:sey Zip up=SASORI 200L$ >> 150L$
:sey Zip up=eroticool 200L$ >> 150L$
:sey Zip up=Rock Heart 200L$ >> 150L$
:sey Fur vest 200L$ >> 100L$
:sey BE 350L$ >> 300L$
:sey 252 Rib down vest 300L$ >> 250L$
:sey kilt Leather jacket 400L$ >> 300L$
:sey SSM brown 300L$ >> 150L$ 
:sey snow Cowichan 200L$ >> 150L$
:sey Silky_NATUshirt 300L$ >> 250L$
:sey leather jacket&pants 400L$ >> 300L$
:sey Hone sheepskin_jacket 500L$ >> 400L$
:sey mouton fur R's coat 650L$ >> 600L$
:sey nel-shirt 400L$ >> 350L$
:sey parka-tidori-for men 350L$ >> 280L$
:sey Riders jacket 350L$ >> 280L$


:sey Enamel BostonBag[white] *7textures 300L$ >> 200L$
:SEY Drummer's trunkcase/8textures5pose 300L$ >> 220L$200L$
:SEY DrumCase-13in./8tex,5pose 300L$ >> 200L$
:SEY Drum Case-18in./8tex,5pose 300L$ >> 200L$
:SEY Fur bag/4textures 250L$ >> 200L$