Thursday, August 12, 2010

Back!!! Again.... he;p

Risey's back inworld again.

Sorry, to all of you waiting for customer support: he should have your replies and redeliveries for you ASAP, if he hasn't done so already^^
Contact Comet or me, Megg Enzo, if you don't get any response within the next day or so.

Risey's back I said, but HEEEY, that's _MY_ back exposed in lieu of our apologies, LOL =^.~= Or more accurately, it's my Alt Aska Mikoyan's derriere for you (feel free to IM Aska with inquiries if you find her online instead of me - people tell me I'm spending more time inworld these days as Aska)

Risey promoted me to :sey Bikini Manager, expecting a lot more of these bikinish posts this Summer. The problem is, I wanted something :sey with each post. But pondering over how to justify these non-sequitur posts.... Geeez!!! we're already near halfway through August already!!!

So, I'm just going into total bimbo mode, and start posting before Summer's over and live up to the expectations of Risey and Friends =^.^=
And I'm starting with this Summer's new release from Madi's Secrets, because that was my first stop on my swimwear buying spree this year. The reason is simple - Madilyn Ling is that good with clothing layer mapping.

You know how a clothing layer could look real good when you're static, but the lines turn all jaggedy and wiggly, and colors bleeding all over your thighs soon as you start shifting poses? Notice how there's minimal distortion with the all-important bra and garter straps in this peekaboo styling with Nomine's see-through milkmaid dress over Madi's lingerie. You can understand how bad mapping can really be disasterous for swimwear.

I love showing off delicate lingerie from under other clothing pieces like this, or more frequently under mannish clothing. I actually did a session to show you samples of the latter with our K.D.Vest over Madi's lingerie - but sorry kiddies, I wasn't able to keep them PG enough for this blog, LOL. Well, maybe you might see them when I'm stone drunk or otherwise immersed in bimbo starlet mode... at least for a few hours til I sober out^.~

Waddya know? Turns out this post isn't all that un:sey after all. Like Madi, Risey always stresses the importance of the clothing layer, although people applaud him more often for his sculpted parts. He says he spends a huge amount of time perfecting the clothing maps and textures.


In the blue pics, love that Eightiesish bimbo starlet hair from Analog Dog XD
Two variations of the Madi's Secrets bikinis with matching color bracelets.

In the red pic, Nomine over Madi's, with charming nice girlish hair from Little Heaven.

And for tonight....
that's The End ;p

Cya!!! Megg=^.^=