Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Horror Night Event at Miniascape


I was doing the usual tourist things in the Bakumatsu Region - you know, visiting the temples and historical landmarks of Kyoto and Nagasaki ca.1860's..... doing the usual photography things for today's post =^.~=

When I come across this poster....

This is one event that you would not want to miss! So I'm putting off our regular programming ;p to introduce you to HORROR NIGHT. And it's only going to be around through to August 31 JST.

スタートはMiniascapeシムから 下記サイトから飛べます
This isn't a hunt or a sale, it's like whachamacallit an SL novel, a haunted house kind of experience created by Yazoo Rang and his friends. With all the animated 3D shock effects, sounds and visuals that this world can provide. Just experience it for yourself while you can.... If you like the sort of blood-chilling, primordial fears kind of horror that's central to traditional Japanese ghost stories, or the movie Ring, you would be very very sorry if you missed this one.
for details, and the SLURL sending you to the starting point on Yazoo's SIM, Miniascape.
Pick up the guide HUD, and start your trek through the five stages.
There's a pretty generous package of souvenirs waiting for you when you finish the quest at Kyoto Sanjo Bakumatsu.... But like I said, this isn't a hunt or anything, and you're just cheating yourself out of this unique experience if you took shortcuts.
I took the inworld screenshots for this post using advanced sky settings, so you can see better the high artistic quality of this work. But the recommended Environmental Setting is Midnight - in order to maximize the suspense and the horror effects ^.~b

Kyoto Bakumatsu Region nightscape, seen from the final stage of Horror Night. The three SIMS Kyoto Bakumatsu, Nagasaki Bakumatsu, and Kyoto Sanjo Bakumatsu, collectively known as the Bakumatsu Region, is where I landed on day one in SL, and also where Risey met the majority of his early inworld friends. The historical landmarks here are as authentic as they can get.
I'll show you some of the sights here later on.
But for now, brace yourselves for some massive coronary near-misses at Horror Night =^.~=/Boo!MeggXD