Wednesday, September 1, 2010

about Emerald2587, or not

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連日のエメ関連水着関連投稿です SS、クリックで大きくなるよ^^、

....for what I think is the majority of us right now, who are probably trying to cold-turky off of Emerald, and too wary even to check the latest posts on the modularsystem blog -yes, launching Emerald still takes you there, where Fractured and pals were highjacking user accesses for their attempted DoS attack on Hazim Kazov's site.

 Well, like I said here last week, they have a new open beta release 2587 available from their site, but there were immediate issues reported with the Windows version: like why is the outlawed emkdu.dll still in the package? or, why does it keep failing to install?

Yesterday, the Emerald Devs explained:

+ emkdu.dll is no longer included in the latest 2587 release or in any distributions after August 20.
+ however, Windows keeps trying to fetch the file from other directories, or from your Temporary files.
+ the solution is to find all the emkdu.dll file/s that are still in your computer, using Advanced Search and delete them.
+ although Emerald will run fine without the kdu, using the openjpeg.dll, but it would be slower, so you can also opt to use LL's llkdu.dll, which you can copy from the Second Life 1.23 Viewer or from Snowglobe 1.5. The llkdu.dll from Viewer 2.0 will NOT work with Emerald.

エメ使用を自粛してると、ログイン画面からのブログアップデートも見なくなっちゃいますよね。。。  なにしろ、ユーザーのアクセスを拝借して問題となったDDOS攻撃に使用したっていうModularSystemのサイトのまんまだし^^;

先日お伝えしたように、最新ベータR2587がリリースされましたが、リンデンラボが配布禁止したはずのemkdu.dllがまだあるじゃめいか?@@ それ以前にWin版上手くインストールできないなど、不安いっぱいでしたが、昨日エメチームからこのことについて説明がありましたんで、おつたえしときます


ラボからの指示に従って、8月20日以降の配布には、問題のemkdu.dllは含まれていません。新リリースにもkduは入っていません。ただし、Windows版では、Winが勝手に不足ファイルと判断して他のDirやTemporaryFileから探し出してきちゃうとのことですw 従って、PC内に残ってる全てのemkdu.dllを削除し





Imprudenceも頑張って仲良くなろうとしてるけど。とっても好感持てる良い子なんだけどね。。。エメ君がやっぱり、w なので、もっぱらEmergenceですね、いまのところ^^

え゛? まっ、まじっすか?(と、アスカ様)
okay, so that was a quick brief on Emerald updates (as in, so, can I trust them yet? I'm doing just fine for now with Imprudence and Emergence, ty=^.^= ), and the second installment of the Coco swimwear =^.^= It was a bit more than Hikari can handle, so I brought in Aska to fill in. Fill in she did, but not much fabric to do it in, LOL
And here's the next COCO coming up→

Reminding you that this IS the SEY Official Blog, lol
Sweet dreams....
cya! Megg =^.~=