Wednesday, June 6, 2012

new release ”Jeans jacket & shirt (Mesh)”

■この企画は終了しました。 ありがとうございました。(6/14)
■Sorry, This event has ended as of Thursday 14.Thank you! 

New Release Mesh!  And they're getting even better!
This time, it's a Jeans Jacket and Shirt combo! Use the texture changer HUD to pick from 16 shirt variations, or you can try the jacket only version included to wear over your favorite T-shirt (or bare skin, for that matter ^.~)  The package now contains four size variations - small, reg, big, and the new reg+ intermediate size. Alpha layers for various wardrobe mixes. A separate HUD for quick, safe script deletion. For the FAT version, a single HUD let's you pick from the full variation of 8 jacket colors and 16 shirt patterns.
新発売 ジーンズジャケット&シャツです
reg, reg+, big, smallの4サイズです


The new JeansJacket&Shirt will be available only at the Marketplace during the Advance Sale period until June 13.
Once again, we have a special never-for-sale Reviewer Bonus version for those of you buying the FAT version(FAT, 1week 10%OFF) or writing reviews for this item in the Marketplace during the Advance Sale period. The offer is good until Wednesday, June 13 (demo version not eligible).
Reviewer Bonus deliveries and sales at our inworld store will begin after the June 13 deadline.
◆Market placeで1週間先行販売中です (6/13まで)
発送は13日以降です 何か書いていただければうれしいです
(デモは対象外です この企画は6/13日に終了します)

Direct link to the Marketplace page ---->>>>
Market place>>Jeans jacket & shirt



I was telling some of you that the next gift from SEY was going to be an exclusive for LOxKE Group members. But sorry, that will have to come a little later.
For now, it's this one. And I'm probably crazy making this a never-for-sale exclusive!
It may just as well become a bestseller if I did put it in the regular lineup, but I only had room for eight variations for this release. So here goes - the JeansJacket&Shirt in Tan!
Remember, this one is not ever going to be available again if you miss this one opportunity until June 13. So, hurry! if you want it.
max 8色しか発売しないので、またREVIEWER BONUSにしました
僕的に売らないのが惜しいくらいですw 是非もらってやってください。