Thursday, November 1, 2012

New release! Double-Hole Belt (Studded & Plain) 30%OFF for LOxKE

Just released :SEY Double-Hole Belt. (Square, Stars, Skin)
Double-Hole Studded Belt in three variations: Square studs, Star studs, and studded animal skins.  With our new texture-changing HUD system, you get thousands of combinations of front and back leather colors, stud colors, etc. (you can do your own math), offering you far more than your average fatpack! And, the great thing about this mesh item is that it's non-rigged, so you can resize and reposition with your viewer's humble old edit menu ^^b  Just wear it, and edit, just as your grandpa did in those pre-mesh days, he;p   But just a few warnings, due to some quirks with non-rigged mesh: Please do not rename the item or reset the script inside. Also, although you can turn off the studs from the HUD, turning them invisible, but with unrigged mesh, this causes the display count to skyrocket incredibly, as shown in the HUD itself. The simple solution - we provided you with a studless and environentally-friendly Plain version. You can still change the belt color using the separate HUD menu for the plain version. Enjoy!  

And right now!
Group members can purchase this item at our Main Store inworld, at a Special 30% DISCOUNT, for  limited time only until November 05.
Activate your LOxKE Group tag, and just Buy from the vendor at the normal price.  The vendor will automatically return you the discount balance.
The system won't work if you forget to activate your Group tag. It is also plausible that your discount return may be delayed due to lag. If you encounter any trouble, send us a notecard with your purchase record (copy and paste from you Account History web page, not from you local chat log).

メッシュ製で男女兼用です 今回も多彩なテクスチェンジが楽しめるFATタイプです

HUDでスタッズのONとOFFも出来ますがリグの入ってないメッシュは透過すると重くなるのでplain versionも同梱しています (レンダークオリティーは"Lowest"のみ少し下げてます)

本店で LOxKE会員様のみ11/5日まで30%OFFで購入できます
グループタグをONにして ベンダーから購入してください
ベンダーから返金があります が ラグなどで返金が遅れたりする場合もあります
 トラブルの際には購入履歴を確認の上 ご連絡ください

Market place


▶ Mesh / Unisex
multi texturing Belt
copy,mod. OK
No transfer

▬▬ Contents ▬▬
▶Studded version
▶Plain version
・Studs textures change
・Belt textures change
(for studs)
・Back leather color
textures change
・Belt textures change
(for plain)
・Script delete

Do not rename objects, 
nor reset a script 
in this product.

For Manual Resizing
and Positioning:
Wear item first,
and adjust from your
viewer's Edit menu.