Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Release: Accessory "Chocoheart"

Hi ladies

Valentine is coming soon!
In Japan, girls give chocolate to guys on valentine's day.
Although the sey's owner is a guy,
he prepared some gift for girls this time, yay^^
It's a set of jewelry (necklace and pierced earrings).
I can't believe this is free!
The quality of these jewelry is really good and,
the design is soooo cute!

The gift is located on the table of the notice board near the entrance.
Please, activate sey=LOxKE group when you get it.
This is limited time offer untill 2/14 (SL PST).
Don't miss it!

Same design with colorful version will be sold too.
Pierced earrings change color by touching it.
This one is not free.

Sorry, guys this time :(
but risey is preparing something for guys in March.

Hoping you guys have happy valentine's day^^