Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Release: Jacket, Belt, and Accessory "RJK2"

Hey guys^^

Here is the new release from sey.
This time the new products are rider's jacket, belt, and accessory, wow@@.

The jacket is designed as a men's spring jacket,
but will be look cool on girls too^^
It's still cold outside, but now is the time to think about spring fashion.
For your spring shopping, this will be the one you definetly want to get!
Two types of collars are included (studded and fur).
You can choose to purchase from 7 different colors.
If you choose to purchase these 4 colors (black/brown/white/red),
you will get two types of jackets in one color (with/without print on the back).
The print on the back is emblazoned with scull, feather, and the words "run on empty".

Risey also designed matching belt and accessory with the jacket.
Those are sold separately.
The jacket by itselt stands out really good,
but with the belt and accessory, you will draw more attention to your look^^
Spring is the fun time to enjoy your fashion.
Don't miss the chance to show your stylishness with RJK2^^

There is also an option to purchase the colorful fur collar.
It's scripted with texture change.
It's nice to have additional touch to your look.