Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Release: Denim Heels

Hi everyone^^

Finally, starting to feel spring♫
I miss cherry blossoms in Japan :(

Anyway, have you visited our new SIM yet?
If not, you should go there right now!
There was special 30% off sales
just for group memers on the openning day (4/13).
There may be another group sale again.
so don't miss it!

Also, the treasure hunting event are until 4/19 (SLT).
You need to find golden apples.
Actually, we added two more red apples
so visit our store again and find all of them :)

Hey, girls.
Check this cute heels.
I have been waiting risey to design heels.
It's been long time.
Finally, we added this colorful cute heels to our lineup.
This will be the perfect one to wear for this spring.
You choose to purchase from 5 colors.
Size can b changed from blue menu.
Also, by touching the toe area, you can change the texture.
You will love it for sure :)