Thursday, July 30, 2009

only two more days left for July

Aaah... this is what I call angler's heaven =^.~=

Just two more days in the Gone Fishin Hunt. You may not make it throuh all 128 fishing holes, but I'm sure you'll be getting plenty out of just a few dozen^^

The cover gown from sf design's July gift again (only a few more days to get that one too) Over the Group Gift bikini from Umiusagi. The top flowers are detachable, so you can mix them with other tops as well. Retail versions available in color and flower variations.

Er.... don't know how to break this to you.....
There are NO FISH on iTuTu or iTuTuRR. Not even an urchin, m'am.


Most of the pics for the poacher series have been shot on iTuTu and iTuTu SIMs. Atelier AM's outdoor cafe (from the Watch yer back post) is a personal favorite =^.~= The :sey build continues to receive flattering compliments from visitors (Thank you very much^^)

Explore around the region for some superb builds and gardening work when you have the time =^.~=


Jeter Jun of Umiusagi is one of the wonderful people helping out in Cutey Magic's Bunny Hop Hunts: this season, it's call the Slice of Summer Hunt. Just one more week hunting watermelons, so hurry =^.~= The Bunny Hop guys are defintely my favorite, and I hear they're going to be featured in the Linden's official blog.
Speaking of bunnies: iTuTu happens to be bunny heaven, tool. See if you can find them little hoppers while exploring the region XD
Cya! Megg @ :sey =^.^=