Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Poacher Princess on the prowl again =^^=

Featuring season's bikinis from Kao^^

In our previous episode, our undaunted heroine was arrested poaching in :sey waters, and found herself incarcerated in the sheriff's maximum security cell undergoing intense unrelenting interrogations. But having depleted a good share of the sheriff's secret stash of bubbly magnums, she's had enough. "I'm getting tired and bored with the old perv....

(this pic only: GrittyKitty hair; YumYum bikini)

Purring and cooing her way past the deputies, she makes a break. The boys even lavish her with booties from the sheriff's armory and wardrobe, including the old man's pride and joy Stevie Ray hat. The LOL Catfish and Walrus should be joining her at the safehouse with the rest of the stuff XD

Right arm band and Mouse Leg Belt from :sey. The leather vest is a :sey group gift available at the Main Store front desk. SRV hat from Serenity (The Hatter is Mad)

Free again, the Princess hightails out of :sey shores. iTuTu watch out, I'm coming your way!
"...even managed to clean out his medicine cabinet of all remaining Viagra pills. Gonna make a fortune peddling these on the web XO ....huh? no one's biting on that in eight years? =( LOL

The hand trunk is another :sey group gift =^.~= (Contraband pills not included ;p

Summer is a great time for showing off your jewelry and accessories, on bare skin and swimsuits. On the other hand, a black leather combination like in this styling creates a dramatic showcase for your swimsuits, or just your bare skin, for that matter ;p

The healthy, good-girl look of Kao's white-piping bikinis is proving to be a delicious contrast to the black leather, as attested by the many guys showing intense interest in me all day yesterday: "hi^^ thanks^^ er, no, I think I'm busy right now..." or the "gawd, will this guy ever stop his eyes from slobbering all over me?" like, lol. Well, yeah, maybe it is just a little bit arousing ;p

>squeeeek!!!< (HELP!!!)
talk about being left behind (no pun intended; )
(all pics are touch resizing, btw^^)

The KAO bikinis come in total eight patterns, also available in four-packs. I'm showing you a few of them here. And more later in a different variation styling =^.~=

I'm okay, really^^ 'sjust the muggy weather forcing these horrible puns out of me ^.~

Cya =^.^=! Megg@ :sey