Tuesday, July 14, 2009

amerie's Naughty - guess it's Summer =^.~=

I heard they started a men's line at amerie's Naughty, so I head on across the SIM to iTuTu, get terribly entangled amongst all the cute stuff I see at YumYum and Kao's. Got to show off the new girlie swimsuit and straw hat on the blog XD

When I finally arrive at amerie's the guys there give me the whole line of aN's latest bikinis! Wow! Kooool! More bikinis^-^ Elated, I promise I'll wear em to show everybody on the blog. Well, mommy, I _thought_ they looked nice and tame enough?

Like this one, it's called the Halter Top Bikini. Cute isn't it? Lots of fabric both top and bottom, mommy? You'd think it's just right for good girls like me^^

And I went out back for a little photo shoot up in amerie's new prefab skybox. It's so neat and sunny....

But, it was there, that I began to know about the wilder side of things....
Oh-oh..... And what's the other bikini called?

(to be continued...)

Yeah, yeah.... I was so preoccupied with the bikinis, I forgot all about amerie Naughty's Mens Line. I was going to see if I could adapt any of the new releases for girls (one of my passions/missions in SL, lol) But hey, Risey's posted his own report on aN Men's: here he's wearing the new guy's pants and shirts.

Speaking of Risey, he seemed pretty eager to see me in the Naughty Green ;p I was thinking of showing this a bit later, maybe - like, we aren't even half way through Summer yet? Oh well, I'll just give you a sneak preview =^.~=lol

The necklace is the :sey Cuffs, which is really a guy's item, but us girls can wear it too: very easy fitting, loose like this. You get two versions in the package. I used the other one as the waist chain shown in the pics above. Attached to the stomache this time, stretched to fit waist width, and rotated forward a bit to take some of the slack out - not exactly a perfect fit, maybe, but not bad for a first attempt =) The piece is priced reasonable, so, I'm not scared to experiment! Concentrate on fitting for a good frontal, and cover up your backside (*blush* hehe, that reminded me all over again.... oh, naughty amerie.... =^.~=

Okay! Just one more teaser, then, you beasts! hehe;p



"Oh? You think I need more SPF?...."



CYA! Megg @sey =^.^=