Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tanabata, yesterday ;p

♪  When you wish upon a star....

July 7th is Tanabata Festival, drawing on the fairy tale story of the celestrial princess Orihime, separated from her love, the exiled Hikoboshi, across the stretch of the Milky Way. The lovers are allowed to meet just one night of the year, on Tanabata.

On that night, children, young and old, write their wishes on colored paper ribbons, and hang them on bamboo branches, and wish upon the stars.....

Well, I'm a day late posting this, but Tanabata was more likely observed in the 7th month of the old Lunar Calendar, which would be a month later, when the summer night sky is clear for the stars to glitter.
So, I headed for Yumeji over the weekend to get a cute summer yukata for the shoot. I got the SALA Tanabata-kazari decorated bamboo there, and got a nice yukata there too.

Then I remembered this. The Kaguya from Bare Rose. It's modified considerably - I got it last year, and I can't even remember how ;p I know Kaguyahime is yet another celestrial fairytale, of a lunar princess, but it is the 40th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing this month, n'est ce pas? LOL
The hair is Innocent Phase from Find Ash - another design Reopa created for the Hair Fair. I was looking at the preview, and lusting for this one, but it wasn't available till the Fair.
The necklace is the :sey Kabbahala. At first I was just looking for a sey item as an excuse for this post ;p But when I put this on, it was so perfect with this look. The Tanabata draws on memories so ancient and primal, it was romanticized even in the times of earliest recorded history in Japan. The Kabbala has that aura of the mystic and mysterious. (Note, I upped the glow a bit, to make it stand out in the shot.)

Oh yeah, the cabin attendant Hikoboshi was Obsessed with all through the long flight to see Orihime.
"Yer escape pod is located.... Ummm... Over there? ^-^"
"Would you like Jersey Beef Roast or Mushroom Kebobs for your dinner, sir?"
(Not a word about her to Orihime =^.~=

I had my Alt go back to Bare Rose to get herself the Kaguya, too. And she comes back with this, LOL. So dorky, but cute, appropriately 1969 throughback chic^^ The hair is another Hair Fair release, the kawaii anime taste Amu in Strawberry Shortcake from Onigiri.

Cya! =^.~= Megg