Sunday, July 19, 2009

watch yer back!

Gotta be careful...
predators might be lurking around behind you....

You be careful too, Tweetie =^.~=

You don't want to make yourself looking so appetizing, Tweetie...

The new release Candy Bikini in orange from *dp*YumYum, on the iTuTu SIM next door; white lace cardigan from Coco.

Somehow, I feel so exposed and, er, edibly vulnerable... maybe much more so than if I was wearing something like a Brazilian string bikini, LOL. Is it the frilly pareo prim? I don't know, it just feels like I'm up to something real naughty =^.~=
It's what's called the ero-kawa style in Japan - combining lots of little girl cutesy kawaii-ness spiked with a precisely calculated doze of eroticism. Here, the mix is pretty lethal.

But, hey, might as well get used to the idea this Summer =^.~=

The CSR stamp rally starts on August 1, called the Summer Choice 2009 Rally this season. Sey isn't in it, but a lot of our friends in iTuTu are =^.^=
And a lot of the 20 participating stores are already offering products containing the stamp card, including this YumYum bikini. Stamp cards are also in the matching sandals you can buy with the bikinis, and with the straw hat, I'm holding in my hand.

...hehe;p I'm kind of liking it, actually. Perks up my predator instincts, know what I mean? =^.~=

More to come over this weekend XD
Cya! Megg @Sey