Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Release: Guitar bag

Guitar Bags, naturally, for all you travelling troubadors,
for the air guitarists in all of us =^.~=
or just a convenient stowage for your assault rifle, LOL
Each package comes with male-size backslung,
female-size backslung, and handcarried versions.
All with scripted texture change. The handcarried
bag also has scripted pose change.
内容/リュックタイプ(男女サイズ) ハンドタイプ

Choose from Type A (top left) Type B (top right) or Type C (bottom) Risey's personal choice is A, and yeah, I like the Lips, too. But then the monotone checkers in B goes well with the Mods-inspired styles that I'm currently into =^.~= Or C, to really appreciate the superreal textures.
最初ネーミングがGIG BAGだったんだけど これって欧米的にオヤジクサぃらしいヨw
左:A 右:B 下:C