Saturday, October 24, 2009

New Release: Scarf & Neck warmer

A new tied scarf with scripted texture change and resizing!
This one is really a timely release in many respects. You know how some of the best AOs around in SL right now really contort your torso, and how you've become all the more conscious of the annoying split between your chest and abodomen? Yep, that fissure that makes you feel like a lobster, lol. Well, Risey added a lot of open-front clothing to his own wardrobe, and has become pretty fed up with being a lobster, and thus this glitch item =^.~=b
Open front is the way to go for us girls, too, especially with the latest 950 Build Emerald viewer wink^.~wink^.~wink lol I just told Risey about the Emerald's advanced physics feature. So cross your fingers he comes up with more items for the Open Front Era =^.~=
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This item goes for 30% off, for members only, until around midnight SLT, today only at the Main Store!

前開きの服を着る事が多くなって AOで胸部と腹部のずれが気になりだし・・・

グループタグをアクティブにして支払いすると ベンダーから30%返金されます