Thursday, October 29, 2009

In burning man

A huge number of stolen property were distributed free during the recent LindenLab-sponsored Burning Man event. The list of creators and shops who had their original goods stolen reads like a Who's Who of the best in SL creativity. The laxness of the Lindens allowing something like this in their own event, and their far from enthusiastic response (if any at all) to our Abuse Reports and other protests, is dismaying. Well, the event was apparently terminated immediately - the least that could be done.... We're hoping for a full investigation into the matter.
先日リンデン主催のburning manのイベ会場で盗作が大量に配布されるという仰天ニュースがあったわけですが、、、
Risey Arai thanks Eku and Stroker for giving us the first heads up to this incident, and all those who are involved in shedding light to this issue. You can see in the sites below, Stroker's reports along with the list of items stolen and distributed at Burning Man. Apparently, these were stolen using a full range of methods imaginable. The last owners are easily traceable, but that doesn't really mean that they are the real culprits: more likely victims as well, having their good names and reputations associated in complicity.

There's also a Flickr post showing the stolen items. Many of the items shown in the screenshots aren't in the list yet - maybe some of the fruits of your own hard work are among them as well :-(

As clearly spelled out in our Policies, :sey has ZERO tolerance for intellectual property theft.
Meanwhile, we just received yet another report of our stuff being stolen.... Grrrrr....

てな状態だったわけですが 美人で優しいハーフの某方が超親身に詳細を知らせてくれました
ホントにありがとうございました(_ _)


※※※ ポリシーにもありますが 盗品に関する保障はできません