Sunday, October 25, 2009

Are you enjoying LB fair?

Got all the goodies in our Halloween Lucky Board Fair, celebrating the opening of the Greed-Amerie Region, for Amerie, Find Ash, :SEY and friends?
Here's Risey showing off one of his favorite booties - the Army-LB067 from Find Ash =^.~=
There's also a LB011 with different cap and hair color combinations. Me and my alts got all of them XD in both short and midlength versions, too!
FAのラキボだよ~b "FA"Army-LB067☆

・・・名前入りw AMERIEだって 照れるw
And Risey once again, here, showing off Amerie's latest release pants - and complaining that the name on the peekaboo brief isn't personalized, LOL. Amerie now has a growing Mens Line (on the lower floor of the Main Store), so make sure you get the right sez version of this item^.~b Note: this isn't a lucky board item. Megg will be back showing some of those off later he;p
注* これはラキボじゃないよb AMERIE新作ね