Tuesday, July 6, 2010

About Controller HUD(vl.2) and DELETE SCRIPT HUD


About Controller HUD and Delete Script HUD

■ Please make sure you have a safe backup of the original first.
■This item meant only to be worn/attached. Please attach to yourself.

☛ About the "Controller HUD" functions
➷ Presets… preset skin colors of the prim feet.
➷ Color Picker… pick any color from the pallet, to tune the skin color of prim feet.
➷ Current color
➷ Save…save skin colors up-to three.
To save the current color, click one of the three triangular buttons.
To indicate a saved color as the current one, click the circular button.
➷ Nails…change the Nail color.
➷ Resize menu…show the Resize menu. Change the size, with the blue menu.

==== About Resize FUNCTIONS ====
After touching a prim you will get the question, This prim or All prims. Easy right. Do you want to modify this child prim only or the whole object.
["Scale +1%", "Scale -1%", "Revert"]
This Prim->Scale +1% This will increase this single prim in size by 1%
This Prim->Scale -1% This will decrease this single prim in size by 1%
This Prim->Revert If you made a little mistake on this single prim, this will revert it back to the settings you bought your object with.
All Prims->Pose->Start Well, this allows you to strike the same pose you would normally be in when editing appearance. Quite usefull to keep standing still without the use of a pose stand.
All Prims->Pose->Stop Tired of standing still after pressing start? This will snap you back out of the pose.
All Prims->Restore->Store This will revert all changes since the item changed owner.
All Prims->Restore->Last Rez This will revert all changes since the item was last rezzed or worn.
All Prims->Delete This will remove al scripts from the item that are used for this tool. Remember if you do this you will not be able to modify it anymore (so be sure to make a copy first if possible). Why would you want to use this then? Lag... All scripts use up sim resources, if you remove the scripts, the sim will lag less.
All Prims->Scale +1%/Scale +5%/Scale +10% These will increase the total size of the object by 1 5 or 10%
All Prims->Scale -1%/Scale -5%/ Scale -10% These will decrease the total size of the object by 1 5 or 10 %

☛ About the "Delete Script HUD"
➷ Delete…delete all the scripts.(skin,Nails,Resize)
You must save the backup copy of the HUD, before.
(The function is only of "Delete Script HUD".)

►► Q & A ◄◄

Q. I'd like to tune the brightness of skin color.
A. You can, with the slider beside the color picker.

Q. Some buttons do not work.
A. Isn't the HUD covered behind another HUD transparent ?

Q. How can I selectively delete parts of the scripts ?
A. You canNOT selectively NOR manually delete them, to avoid malfunctions.

■ バックアップを保管してください

☛Controller HUDの機能について
➷ Presets...肌の色
➷ Color Picker...肌の色調整
➷ Current color...現在の色
➷ Save...色のセーブ(3色まで)
➷ Nails...爪のテクスチャーを変える
➷ Resize menu...リサイズメニューの表示

☛Delete Script HUDについて
➷ Delete...ボタンを押すとすべてのスクリプトが削除されます

►► Q & A ◄◄