Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Release"Tong sandal" (for men ) /)★30% OFF at SLX(~7/15)★

*We have launched another type of Thong Sandals,(for men)
with 30%OFF priced Fat Pack on XStreet until this Jul.15th:)

As well, in our main shop, they are being special OFF priced until the day.
Don't miss that launch sale!! Hoping you will enjoy these items.

For details of its controller HUD, see another article here.

ちなみにー  ちょっと前にRLでこーゆーTジトング?を買ったんだけど

HUDについては コチラの記事コチラの記事 をご覧ください



・Ankle Lock Animation
・skin color
・nail textures change
・resize script
・save color
+ Delete script HUD

・shoes (system layer)
・Alpha layer shoes(system layer)
・controller HUD
・Delete script HUD
・non invisible version
・+invisible version

permission: Copy only

sandals : :sey
necklace & bracelet : :sey
tank top : :sey
hair/hat : Uw.St & Meriken co.
shirts : grasp
pants :*BC322 Skull