Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Divine Feat

July 15 SLT is the last day to get your new Sandals for the special launch price.
This special offer is for the MenFas, Zipline, and Tong sandals.

And the sale is on BOTH Xstreet and at our Mainstore inworld!

In the meantime, I've been brushing up on my divine powers, and succeeded in bringing up the breakwater 700 meters up in the air, just above my skybox studio =^.^=
Nevermind the studio being thoroughly drenched ATM (I'll show you that as well sometime LOL), because playing God is always a whole lot of fun!

One moment...

Zeus insists I shed off mortal vestiments when I'm advertising his creations here.... Ummm... Can you help me with this button?

Notice how even Divinity wears :sey sandals - here the MenFas, along with Niniko shirt and the latest Blow-Up skirt XD

Now, Risey is pretty adamant that these new sandals are a Men's Only item. True, I know that Risey's been obsessed with feet for some time. I don't know about his fetishes, but it really bothered him how the sculpted men's feet he came across inworld all looked so feminine - like they were just stretched out bigger.

So, he's been working on this one ever since.

Risey keeps saying it just won't look right on girls.
But what do you think of these Zipline sandals on yours truly divinely^.~Eh?
Nooo, not the Boom bikinis, the sandals!
Sure, it may take you a little more time for fitting, but it works out okay, no divine feat ;p
And hey, like in my RL neighborhood, the majority of the population under 60 are surfers. And surfer kids grow up with big toes, both boys and girls. So it's okay. Trust me =^.~=b
Got a lot of pics left over from this shoot.
I think I'll add them on to this post at a later date.
Maybe even a few limited time showings. hehe....
=^.^=cya! Megg @:SEY