Saturday, July 10, 2010


just in time for another hot Summer....
just when you thought it was safe
to hit the beach again....
I'm back!
as :sey's official bikini manager
(as dubbed by risey ;p

Comet remains as our English-language
manager, providing customer support.

I'll be in charge of this blog and the notices,
and stuff like purtily-politely turning down
all mall invitations (thank you anyway, and
wishing the best), but will be around to
answer customer inquiries when Comet
isn't around =^.^=b

In the meantime, an avid Barcelona fan,
Risey may not be inworld for a couple of
days depending on the outcome of the Final....
But Paulie the Octopus says it's going to be Spain,
so we're all counting on Risey being in a very good mood for the forseeable future, LOL
I've lost quite a bit of sleep myself, with the World Cup matches aired like from 3:30am in Japan. Me, I was rooting for the Samurai Blue, then Maradonna, quick switch to Klose after one match he;p For the Final, well.... not so loud, Risey might be listening, but I've always liked the hardhitting agressiveness of the Oranje =^.~=

credits: Analog Dog, Boom, Maitreya, :sey Maki2 Zip Up in Surf Pink