Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Eureka Moment, Emerald, and things

hey! I got an idea! How about this?
New! Soft case for :sey Flip-Flop Necklace!


Actually, it's the gartered bikinis from League with the perfect prim part for these necklaces ^.~

I was kind of hesitant about featuring this piece (blush^^), but now that I've decided to show it to you, might as well give you a full tour, he;p

Hair in the top pic is from Maitreya, and the rest are the latest from Shag. And the beach is from Shag, as well. They have a really nice beach right up front of their main store. Perfect=^.^=

Perfect for Emerald physics, too.

Which reminds me....

About the Emerald Viewer

Well, it's no secret, I, Megg, am a diehard Emerald fan. But, as I suppose like many of you, I've been very troubled about the recent turmoil among the Emerald dev team. You can read about all this in the Modular Systems blog, so I'm not going into details here. Just that dev team leader and Modular owner Fractured Crystal admitted to infractions warranting his resignation and dissociation hereafter from Emerald. They have apparently brought the matter to Linden Lab's attention, and Emerald has been removed from LL's Third Party Viewers Directory for the time being.

RUMORS immediately went round that the Emerald Viewer was now deemed illicit by LL and that users were going to be banned for using it. Of course, this is NOT the case - a viewer does not have to be listed in the LL TPVD to be legitimate. Granted you still may have concerns about Emerald's integrity, and you will have to judge for yourselves after hearing what Annabella and the remaining developers have to tell us, but at least you can rest assured that you WILL NOT be banned for using Emerald.

Personally, I'm still logging in regularly with Emerald, because I think it's by far the best available atm. I log in with Viewer2 as well, to keep up with what's new, but I just can't get to like it's counter-intuitiveness.... a few analogies just came to mind, but I'll keep this blog PG, lol.

最近どたばたのエメですが、主要メンバーが抜け、直近ではリーダでModularSystems主幹のFracturedが辞任。理由は、ログイン画面からユーザ情報を取得するコードを密かに加えていたというもの。噂ではあった話ですが。(現在は修正され心配はもうないと言ってますけど) んで、結果エメは、リンデンラボのサードパーティ・ビュア名簿からとりあえず辞退、FracturedおよびModularから完全決別。エメのサーバは近日中新ドメインの取得など、しばらくは移行期間ご不便ご容赦くださいとのことです。

リンデンのリストから外されたということで =非公認=不法=使うとバンされるぞ!とのが当初広まりましたが、その心配は一切ありません。リンデンブログに公表されているTPVDリストは、あくまでも自己申請で、リンデンの公認というわけではありませんので、すくなくともBANなどの心配はありません。

エメラルドビュアに関しては、この事態が発生する前に、ここで紹介しようと思ってところだったんですが。リンデンラボ開発チームで、Sculpty実装の最大貢献者で、FlexScultpy開発中、それと今話題になってるポリゴンMeshImportの開発担当者QarlFizzさんが、今月突然リンデンを解雇になって、先週からエメラルド開発チームに参加。なんか面白いこと色々やってくれそうで、期待大^-^ なのですが、そうなるとポリゴンインポートってどうなちゃうんだろ?との不安もウラハラきすけです。テストワールドでは既に実装されてて、2SIM分の巨大オブジェクトとか。また可能性としてはポリゴン装着で全身整形とか^^ ヒザ下みじけーーーーーT_Tなんて少女のお悩み解決のはずなのですが。。。
またエメ情報ありましたら、ここでお伝えしてこうと考えてますけど、みなさんも、何か新情報とか、それ間違ってるよってあればMegg Enzoまでおつたえくださいね^^

Contemplating dinner...

at Comet Morigi's latest project on SOLA SIM, on exhibit until September 17.

anchovies? or should I just dive into that school of young squids.....

Me, I'm only here to show you the rear view of Nena's gartered bikinis =^.~=


This is like, omg.... little pieces of cloth held together with garter straps?
I feel so naughty doing this ;p oh, well, Summer's going to be over pretty soon... so^^

that's all for tonight.... sweet dreams =^.~= Megg . .....