Monday, September 20, 2010

Viewer Updates & more about the blue one.

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The blue one again.... As promised, more about the new Ascent viewer. But first, a few update info and heresay about various TPVD viewers and SL viewerdom in general.
青いわぁ。 ということで?w遅くなりましたが新ビュアAscentについて第二弾。でもその前にまずは、SLビュア全般について風の便りあれこれ。。。

@ The Imprudence viewer blog tells us that Linden Labs held a meeting with TPVD devs on Sept 18, and issued their new policy about llkdu.dll - they do not want third party viewers to have the ability to load the kdu file - the licensed KAKADU software that makes textures load faster. When it became evident that Phox, Fractured etal. laced the Emerald version emkdu with malicious code, a lot of us just deleted emkdu, and copied over LL's version llkdu.dll from the official SL Viewer folder, since viewers proved too unstable with the default open source alternative, openjpeg.dll. But that's technically a license violation, so LL wants TPVs not to use llkdu. Imprudence will be complying to this by their next Release Candidate, but the current builds will retain the capability to utilize llkdu. With Phoenix, the assumption is that all their releases do not load llkdu. The release of a viewer that *does*not*use*emkdu*OR*llkdu* was part of the terms of compliance that Phoenix leader Jessica Lyon herself had worked out with Linden Labs for the Emerald viewer. Emerald Release 2587, which Phoenix is based on, is thought to be that kdu-less viewer promised with Linden Labs. Both Phoenix and Ascent, as of their latest releases, now have updated versions of OpenJPEG. Personally, I find it quite livable with the latest OpenJPEG. It's stable enough. I've seen Phoenix devs and Ascent devs pointing out that the difference between kdu and openjpeg is so minimal by now, why go with kakadu or llkdu at all.

@ In the Kirstens viewer blog, there are discussions about what are to come hereafter, beyond Viewer 2.1, and with Snowstorm, the new LL open source viewer that will be replacing SnowGlobe by the end of this year. Of particular interest to me personally, and I'm sure most of you too^^, is about the multiple attachment points and multiple clothing layers. Multiple tattoos are already available for 2.1. Double attachments are only available right now with Phoenix(/Emergence) and Ascent, while Imprudence is waiting for Linden Lab's Snowstorm version. I've been hearing elsewhere that this LL version multiple attachments is going to be like five clothing layers and five attachments on each point. The Kirstens post reports that it's going to be limitless attachments per point, but limited to an overall total of 38 attachments. I started counting how many points I had on my body, but decided to put that off for a while when I heard that this LL version multi-attachments will have to wait for the next generation Havok7 servers..... like, oh..... And, when if ever that might be? LOL And yes, of course, Kirstens had gone completely 2.0, while the latest Phoenix announcement mentions that there's going to be a 2.0-based (or SnowStorm-based) version coming sometime in the near future. I just hope that they mean more like what the Ascent devs are envisioning - Sure, 2.0 and Snowstorm are inevitable, but it shouldn't be such an insurmountable challenge putting together a viewer with the familiar (and I say far more intuitive and superior) 1.23-based interface as Emerald-Emergence-Imprudence-Phoenix-Ascent.

@完全にV2.0の道へいってしまったKirstensViewerのブログでは、V2.1以降、そしてリンデン公式オープンソースのが現行のSnowGlobeから年内に完全にSnowStormに移行する(SnowGlobeは1.5も2.0もDLページから消えるそうです)ことを踏まえ、この先なにがくるのか、という話になってます。Phoenixの最新アナウンスでも、近日中にV2(というかSnowStorm)をベースにしたバージョンに取る組むようなことを言ってますが。あのV2のインタフェースはねぇえwwwむしろAscentの開発者達が考えているように、これまでのインターフェイスを2.0ベースに引き継ぐこともできなくね?いやむしろ、楽勝じゃね?というビジョンをPhoenixさんたちも共有していることを是非望みたい!以上!Imprudenceもこれまでのスタイルを継承して2.0へ、というスタンスのようですし^^ まぁ、それ以外は、2.0式のUIが今後どうなろうと、まったく興味がないあたしとしては、関心事は、装着ポイントごとの複数アタッチメントがどうなるか。タトゥの重ね着は公式V2.1で可能になったってことですが、複数装着に関してはエメ方式の2点装着が可能なPhoenix(Emergence)とAscentのみ。Imprudenceはリンデンラボが開発中の複数装着のオープンソースを待つ方針。で、そのリンデン版の複数装着は、装着ポイントごとに5点などと、他のブログなどで噂されてましたが、Kirstensのブログによると、ポイントごとに装着できるオブジェクト数は無制限。ただし、全身で装着できるオブジェクトは最大38点まで。。。ふむ。。。からだにいくつ装着点あったっけ?って数えだして、ふと読み続けてみると、次世代Havok7までマテ!とorz テストワールドじゃはしゃいでるようですが、、、たのしそうで、いいのぅw 当分AscentとPhoenixで遊んでるからいいもん^^ でも、あんなとこやこんなとこに、あってはならないものがぶら下がって見えても、文句いうな、というお話でした

Getting primed for the job description... You're not done with me yet?
The Ascent viewer has the same type radar as the Emerald format. It currently shows Name, Distance, Position, Altitude, and Client. But Dev HG Beeks is fielding user input as to what sort of info people want displayed in a radar. Like Phoenix displays Age, or if the guy's got Payment Info - very important in some business sectors, hehe;p

Learning me the tricks and tweaks....
And all the smiles for free.
One of my favorite features from Emerald is that little button all the way at the bottom right, next to the media panel. Click it and you get this - the Settings Panel. Ascent has both Windlight Sky and Water settings. Phoenix doesn't have WL Water, but has both Max Node (higher to prevent no-shows of small prim parts) and LOD Factor (higher for improved scultpty rendering). And new, Phoenix has the PDD Interval setting for stepped distance rendering - like from Imprudence. Ascent also comes preloaded with lots of WL settings, and viewer skins, too =^.^=
Credits: SEY accessories. Hair from Shop SEU and the new flowey sWEET HAIRs I found at the Hair Fair. I know how huge my ARC can get with these hairs - sure, go ahead and hate me all you want, I just love them =^.~=
HairFairいきました?前回ポストからのShopSeuさんのクルクルふわふあはふはふ(無い?w)はまってる昨今ですが、フェアでsWEET HAIRsさんの超さらさらヘアにすっかり魅了されてしまいました^^左のサラサラはSEUさんの姫カットね^^ どちらもARCカウントべらぼーな数値になるけど、いいわーーー ラグるから近寄るなって?んじゃヘアといっしょに引きこもるからいいもんwんでわー^^/ 

Cya later! Megg Enzo =^.^=/