Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas! from :SEY

Season's Greetings!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

from Risey,
Comet and Megg =^.^=
and Dollie, too!

Me, going incognito for most this month, until finally, the big day tonight! Ho!ho!

Top: Once again this year, my favorite Xmas costume from Blow-Up, with Xmas special Bax boots and sWEET HAIR. Featuring Tangram fuzzy friend for the coming Year of the Bunny. Ask the other Santa if you want to sit on his lap, hehe;p this one rather sits on yours for candy^.~
Right: In my sketchy loft from Modest Homes. Reindeer PJs and Incognito glasses from Intrigue. Cowbell ribbon by IMP. Boots from League's Yuletide special set^^
Bottom: Ready for take-off on Mephisto's Xmas Jet Sled! as another fuzzy friend from HPMD lays in wait for 2011^^

A really sad news this years end: Giggurat Roff is closing his Mephisto shop, the place to go for literally AWESOME monster avatars and accessories. Check out the pics of Mephisto's giant robot avatar on Caboo Loon's blog.
Gigg-san has been way ahead of the time, with loads of stuff that we would have wanted in our wardrobes for SL's new multiple attachments, dazzling custom light shows for concerts, adorable pets and creatures like the WasaWasa avie, and so many other fond, memorable experiences in this world. But alas, he has been hyper busy in real life and hasn't been inworld much over the last couple of years...
His shop is closing on December 26 JST, and all items are on sale at 80% discount. Get them while you can, because each one of them are milestones in SL history. Thank you Gigg-san for all the great memories, and wishing you the best in whatever ventures await you irl =^.^=

again, from Risey Comet & Megg & Dollie, too! =^.^=
Have a very Merry Christmas
and a Wonderful New Year!