Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Release! Winter Survivor


HiHi! Here's our first new release in a long while, a winter jacket appropriately named Winter Survivor, and matching shirt. It's a mens' design, but girls should be able to fit with a little effort, and if you're over 5'10" or so.
This is the kind of jacket I've been looking for this Winter in real life. And yes, IT IS COLD!DAMMIT!LOL in Japan, too, and snowing these couple of days. So, I got fur lining on the jacket, but I wanted fake fur for this, with that bristly kind of feel. Came out pretty well :D and I'm happier still that no furries have been sacrificed in the manufacture of this product ;P
The shirt, sold separately, is a remake of our popular Roll Up Shirt. But with this variant, I included an extra collar prim sculpted to be worn with the jacket collar.
仕上がりはモコフワでばっちりですb フフフ
シャツはRoll up shirtのリメイクです が襟のスカルプは2種とも新規です
襟は通常の襟とWinter Survivor用の2種入ってます


昨日雪が降ったー!! 雪を見てると空に向かって両腕を広げたくなる!(←かっ??)近所じゃ恥くてできないんだけど 一回やってみたい!高原とかで!GLAYとか聞きながらw(懐っ!)

■jacket,shirt,necklace,belt/ :SEY
■Tank top/Muism
■Jeans/Like A