Monday, February 14, 2011

NewsEXTRA! and Happy Valentine's XD

(bilingual post; clicketh thee pics for full view^^b
和英二ヶ国語 PICクリくと大きくなるかも)

Now, what's with all these group notices I keep getting of new lingerie releases? ...oh, it's St.Valentines! So, I'm off to my studio, prepping for the inevitable Valentine's Lingerie Special shoot, complete with the complementary champaigne bath shoots - as though I haven't been in lingerie for every post so far this year, LOL
最近また何で新作ランジェリのグループ通知こう多いんだろうと思ってたら。バレンタインの時期なんですね。どうりでやたらエッチっぽいのばっかりw で、しょうがないなー、お約束の季節ものだし、今回もまたランジェリー姿かT_Tヌギヌギ・・・ と、撮影準備。やっぱりシャンペン風呂もやらなきゃだめかなぁ?w
そんな矢先、社長からのIMで爆弾発言!WinterSurvivorのマーケットプレイス購入でこれまで頂いた数々の暖かいレビューコメントを拝見して大感激。「コメントへの限定感謝ギフト、俺様とっておきの秘蔵アイテムもつけちゃう!」と。聞いたら、まじっすか?!本当にちょっと凄い内容!殿御乱心!w(コメさんもあたしも日頃あんまし構ってあげてないから寂しかったのねw)ということで引き続きマーケットプレイスで御購入いただいた際は、ぜひふるってレビューコメントを宜しくお願いします^-^ キャンペーンは19日まで、発送は20日になります。日本語も可です^^
THEN, the news! Risey has been so encouraged by all the flattering review comments everybody is writing for the Winter Survivor in SL Marketplace, that he's decided to throw in a little extra in the Thank You gift package he's sending out to you on the 20th =^.^= And, that "little" extra is going to be any thing but little. It's going to be a big secret, let's just say my first reaction was OMG are you out of your mind?! Well, it's going to be VERY special - you will not be disappointed =D
Besides, it turns out that the final version of the Winter Survivor turned out to be a LOT easier to fit for girls. Risey wanted to put in the bit about "compromises for female avatars" but that proved to be minimal.
更に 当初180センチ以上あれば女の子もどうにか着れるかもって弱気なことPOPにまで書いちゃってましたが、いろいろ試着してみたら、これってUNISEXでも充分いけるんじゃないのってほど、女の子にもぴったり^-^ ということで、ランジェリ特集は後回しで、女の子のWinterSurvivorフィッティングをちょろっとご紹介に、メグ様本店へ急行!いけてない系めがねっ子でもいけちゃうウィンターサバイバーを御披露!(いけてる子の例はPelinPaelusさんなどほかのブログでw)
And so, off I'm headed for the :sey Main Store to demonstrate how easy it is - even for the nerdiest girl in class to look great in the Winter Survivor, he;P (If you want to see how it looks on cool girls, check out blogs by Pelin Paelus et al ^^b)

Here, I'm wearing the Gray jacket layer with the Azuki prims to show how the prim parts work in very well with the clothing layer. Straight out of the package, the bottom prim looked huge on my avie. But all I had to do was to reduce the size all the way down 25%. Keep the hem tight and close.

For girls, my trick is to wear the bottom prim as high up the waist as possible. That way the prim clears the hip, and keeps everything under control even with a wiggly AO like what I'm using. Of course, as you can see here, it's not perfectly seamless, but it goes askew only so even with my back arched back this much - good en9ugh for me^^
あたしの場合、レイヤが隠れるギリギリまで、なるべく高い位置にボトムプリムを持ち上げてます。こうすると、ヒップにかからなくて、あたしのような超クネクネ系AOでも大丈夫。これが出きるのが、このデザインのツボじゃないかなって^^ もちろんクネクネと右のように背中を目一杯そらせたりすれば少々ズレはでますが、このくらいなら、わたし的には充分許容範囲^^b
To sum up, for me, it's all in the bottom prim. I've tried changing attachment points, rotating, and such, but the default seems to work best - just scale down as far as possible and lift up as far.

Top pic hair and scrunched socks from Maitreya; Attitudes undies (blush^.~)
Winter Survivor fitting demo pics: braided hair by Tekuteku, tied hair by SweetHairs; microminiskirt by Delirium; wool stocking by WWI; boots by Reek.
Little buddy followed me home from Feather =^.^=
はへぇ~ せっかく着たのにランジェリ特集でまたヌギヌギ?T_T w
bummer.... got all dressed up, and now I got to take them off again for the champaigne bath? LOL
Happy Valentine's XOXOX
Sweet dreams~ cya!
- Megg =^.~=