Thursday, October 13, 2011

2 types of reciept / レシート2種類

In SL, there are 2 types of receipts that you a customer and we a shop need , to support you as usual.

1. When you’ve bought something in Marketplace onWeb,
its receipt is the so-called “invoice” or “order” linked here.

2. When you’ve bought something in an inworld shop,
its receipt is the so-called “transaction history” linked here.

*) First, log-into the web-site. Because the both URLs show your personal records to only yourself, never to public.

We’d like you to copy&paste us the right type of reciepts, so that we can smoother support if you need.
Customer Support

1. ウェプ上、Marketplaceでお買い上げの場合、
2. ウェプでなく、SL内ヴァーチャル店舗でお買い上げの場合、
「取引履歴 Transaction history」(こちら)。