Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Release! Men's Cardigan

HiHi! Long time no SEY!  Here's my first release in nearly 15 months. I've been up to a lot of things in real life, and back re-vitalized, re-SLized, whatever, Well, I'm back!
I know that there have been some inconveniences and delays during my prolonged absence. My apologies to everyone concerned.

ごぶさたです 1年3ヶ月振りにリリースしました
リア充してました ただいまです
不在の間 対応が遅れたりできなかったりご迷惑をおかけしました

Actually, I've been experimenting with mesh designs for quite a while, playing around with various software off-line, surfing all over the net for tips and resouces, and then waiting forever for LL to put up the mesh test grid.... Wasn't that near two years ago?  By around last Spring, I thought I would have somthing ready for release as soon as Mesh finally debuts on the Main Grid. Months passed.... and, o-oh, hey, I'm late! And so, without further ado, Heeere's SEY Mesh! 



■この企画は終了しました。 ありがとうございました。(5/14)
■Sorry, This event has ended as of  Monday 14.Thank you!

New release:  Rigged Mesh CARDIGAN for MEN!
Available in advance only on the Marketplace at a special 30%
discount price for a week period from May8 through May 14.
Don't miss it!   Click the link below/

 Market placeで1週間 30%OFFです(5/8~5/14)

 400L$>>>>280L$  Market place::SEY / Mesh Cardigan

Make sure you try on the free demo before purchasing.
Mesh items can't be scaled, so you may have to adjust your AV to either of the two SL standard sizes included in the package.


★When you purchase the new Mesh Cardigan from the Marketplace and write a review for it during the Special Introductory Sale period until May14, we'll send you a special not-for-sale edition of the Cardigan. I'm thinking of a black-based version for now, but I might come up with something else. Remember, your reviews will have to be posted in the Marketplace by the 14th to be eligible. Hope to hear from you!

!DEMOバージョンは対象外です  14日以降に発送しますノノ


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