Saturday, July 21, 2012

New release ”:SEY Vest+T-shirt / +vest only" (Mesh)

New release ”:SEY Vest+T-shirt / +vest only" (Mesh)

Our latest release mesh item is this open front vest in 8 variations.
You get both the Vest+Tshirt combo and the standalone Vest only version.
Use the controller HUD to select from 15 T-shirt print patterns.
Includes 4 sizes (reg, reg+, big, small), standard upper body alphas, plus
alphas for older generation viewers that can't handle multiple alpha layers. 
サイズはreg, reg+, big, smallの4サイズです

The FAT package includes all 8 vest selections plus two bonus
varitations that aren't available in single packages.
The FAT pack is availabe at a 40% discount for just one week
until July 28 SLT! So hurry!^^
そんなFATは1週間 7月28日まで40%OFFです

Market place >>>  :SEY Vest+T-shirt


tops :SEY vest+T-shirt camo
hair: *Dura*
pants:MESH Her Cargo Pants
boots: DECO
Suitcase: POST
tops: ;SEY vest+T(only vest) african
cap+hair: *ARAI* & **Dura*
pants: Kapone
bag: *109prims*
sox: sey
sneakers: URBATIK
Watch,bert: MANDALA

=caBoo Loon=