Thursday, September 13, 2012

New release:"Gilet" / and about REVIEWER BONUS!


DEMO頑張りましたw 試してみてください
"Gilet"に何かコメント頂ければ喜びますw(締切9/20 発送9/21~)

New release "Gilet(vest)+T-shirt" in Market place
pls try the DEMO before buying!

The new vest will be available only at the Marketplace during the Advance Sale period until September 20.
★The FAT pack is availabe at a 40% discount for just one week
until September 20 SLT!
Market place   :SEY Gilet(vest)+T-shirt 

necklace: :sey

Hair:Atro Patena
Hair Base:AITUI


● Gilet(vest)+T-shirt ( Copy, No modify, No transfer )
・vest+T-shirt/short sleeved
・vest+T-shirt/long sleeved 
・ Gilet(vest) only version
●HUD (copy,mod ok/No transfer)
・Vest: texture change(2 textures)
・T-shirt: Color/texture change HUD included
( 2 white bases, 3 patterns, 10 prints)
・Delete script
●Alpha layers  (Modify,Copy, No transfer)
・for short sleeves
・for long sleeves
・Alpha textures
○ in 4 sizes (reg, reg+, big, small) 

This is  an exclusive gift for those of you who write reviews for this ""Gilet(vest)+T-shirt""mesh  in the Marketplace during the advance sale period until September 20.
To be delivered after September 21.
■この企画は終了しました。 ありがとうございました。
■Sorry, This event has ended as of Friday 21.Thank you!