Thursday, June 18, 2009

New Release: 7B Cargo Pants

As we already gave heads-up to our group members a couple of days ago, we just airlifted the new 7B Cargo Pants into the :sey arsenal XD This one's definitely a must-have: there're just so many combination possiblities =^.~=b

They're unisex, and resizeable from menu.

In four combat-ready colors with matching gearpocket belt, and a bonus plain belt.

That's :sey Creator risey and
:sey Model caBoo Loon
in the top pic
(click for fullsize view^^)

The 7B Cargo Pants comes in four colors with matching gear belt. Menu select the design for the belt's hip pockets: either the no-nonsense plain, or the one with the kawaii details - like caBoo has on her Army texture set (see? I toldya to click-see the fullsize ;p The bonus belt doesn't have any gear pockets on it, but you get a menu-selection of four colors^^

Risey spent a lot of time perfecting the leg prim sculpts and textures. Notice how the prim parts blend in so seamlessly with system-layer pants! I'm sure you've all experienced how it could be a nightmare trying to match the gawdawfool Linden clothing layers with prim parts @_@ You can resize (from menu, btw^^) these thigh prims perfectly to your body shape - a little bigger for a baggy look, or let the prims partially sink for natural looking creased textures in a tighter fit.

Enjoy! (I've been having a lot of fun with this one =^.~=v)

COPY/no mod/no trans

Cya for the next one! =^.^= Megg @ :sey
.....this is starting to look like a daily habit, too, so come back soon heX)