Sunday, June 21, 2009

Street styles from :sey

Snake-Leather Belt

Fur and Leather Cloth

Snow Millefeuille Tops

The fugitive "Shoujo A" has been sighted around the Grid wearing various :sey items. Recently, she has been seen in :sey's Snow Millefeuille tubetops, Snake-Leather Belt, and Fur and Leather Cloth hip attachment. The snakeskin belt is characterized by its two leather hip pouches and leather tassles. She is assumed to have in her possesion the full 15 variations of the Snow Millefeuille tops. Following conflicting accounts as to the color of her hip leather-cloth attachment, investigators have learned that this item is scripted with texture change menus for both the outer fur/leather, as well as the inner bandana-style cloth, allowing for a myriad of combinations.

The Snake-Leather Belt in 3 colors. Side pocket saddle comes attached. It's a Men's belt, but resizeable. MOD/COPY so make sure you make a copy before tweaking.
The Fur and Leather Cloth hip attachment is a scripted texture-changing variation of the Leather Cloth that comes with the Texas Longhorn Belt. As with the Snakeskin, it looks so sexy when guys wear them, but they don't look half bad on us either, eh? ;p
Play around with the many possible combinations of furs, leathers, and fabrics. You can also try various sizes to fit your style^^ (You can find it in the same booth as our new Deka-Logo belt.)MOD/TRANS
The Snow Millefeuille =^.~= This has long been one of my personal favorites. Off-the-shoulder, kind of short and teeny look the way I like it XD Available in 5 packs each with 3 variations, on three layers. All my Alts have 'em =^.^=b Speaking of alts.....
....that Shoujo A looks suspiciously like my alt "A***"
Prolly just coincidence, lol.
Meanwhile, Risey's got a New Release already! Gotta work on that one!
Had a few others to show, but guess I'll sneak them in with later posts^^

Cya for now! =^.^= Megg @sey