Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Release :sey Roll Up Shirt

This one is a MUST item for the guys.

Shirts in 7 plaids and 7 solid colors.
Each in two variations: plain shoulders and yoked shoulders.

Like other :sey creations, the details are mostly hand-painted. Risey puts in a lot of time and energy to it, and this time in particular, he seems very satisfied with his work. A lot of you have already tried them on for yourselves, I see, and know just what I'm talking about, because this item is already proving to be quite a hit. The textures have been carefully adjusted to minimize warping with movement - something you should be able to fully appreciate on the backs of your plaid shirts; the collar prim blends in naturally; and the perfectionist-to-point-of-obsession-lol Risey is especially happy the way the cuff scuplts came out.

7 Solids (ST) and 7 Plaid (CK) shirts, each with plain and yoked shoulders. Use the jacket layer for untucked; use the shirt/underpant combination for tucked in look.

We originally released this lineup with six plaids and seven solids. But then, Risey went into panic when he saw the yellow plaids selling like crazy: that's the one he's wearing in the main POP pic. The problem was, the guys shot the picture in Sunset lighting, so the actual color of the yellow turned out pretty different from the actual product color. Stricken with conscience, he immediately spent the better part of that night coming up with our 14th shirt to match exactly the sunset-lit yellow ^-^ And that's the yellow-2 CK shirt: it's been sent out to those of you who bought the original yellow in the first couple of hours after release, so let us know if you missed it somehow; this doesn't apply for purchases after the Yellow-2 release, sorry. So, if you want the yellow in the poster, get the Yellow2 =^.~=b

NOTE: There's a bug that sometimes messes up the permissions settings in your items, and sometimes it doesn't. I've had the experience a couple of times lately, and Risey says he's had quite a few. We're not even sure how or when these happen. With this release, we received two reports from customers where the Modify perm on the Cuff prims were disable. Maybe there are others having the same problem. Please contact us anytime if your cuffs can't be modified, we'll have them replaced ASAP! =^.^=

Try one on, and you'll probably want a few more in your wardrobe^.~

.....that's all for now folks! Cya =^.^= Megg @:sey