Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Enjoying your Fourth of July weekend?

We had neighbors over to celebrate =^.^=

Hey! Look who' s come over for the party! It's Bo - Mr.Vine from the ranch down the road?^^

:sey Ten Gallon Hat "Eternities" texture change version.
:sey Texas Longhorn Belt with Fur Cloth. This is the standard unscripted FurCloth attachment. (Texture-change version attachment sold separately.)

That's my sister, warming up the weenies and mushroom kebobs. She got that new grill from BelleBelle Furniture in the SL Discovery hunt. We got lots of yummie sweet corn on the pit, too. You like corn, Bo? How'bout some beer?

:sey Maki2 Hoodie Long White version

/me runs her tongs along his rump and loins and croons softly in his ear, "You got the sexiest ribs...."

Hey! I'z hunngry! Enuff da flirting! Go right for the jugular! =^.*=

Bikinis: Tweetie's group gift from T&A Designs. Too bad I can't show you my fanny side on this respectable PG blog, LOL. Hair is the latest Momo from LittleHeaven: I had another hair in mind for this shoot, but I just love this 50's cowboy movie poster kind of chemistry that goes with the ten gallon hat XD
Sis (aka Shoujo A) dares to be patriotic in highleg swimsuit from Babele Fashion; hair is Little Heaven's Ai.

Frisky party animals XD

I see guys more often wearing these wrap-around-waist jackets. I imagine these long Maki2's are like those light benchwarmer coats, worn by the men on the football squad. Or, I can imagine race circuit queens wearing them, giving them a moment's relief from all the gawking eyes, at least when they're off for lunch, give me a break! he;p
I like to wear mine really low, almost like an open-front half skirt. The deep red lining on the jacket gives you a good backdrop for a frontal showcasing of your legs, your pretty stockings or cool tall boots. Gives you better directional targeting control, sorta =^.~=

You can wear them low, hanging from the hips, emphasizing a tight top silhouette. Or, reduce the size to wear them higher at waist-level, revealing more of your calves. All depends on what kind of a silhouette you want to achieve in your mix =^.~=b


....what d'ya wanna do with all that hide?
....make a teepee maybe?
Nah, need more neighbors for that.

Maybe we can sweet talk Risey into making us a couple of jackets...
kewl... pass the ribs =^.~=
That' s the ZeroStyle Angelina Olive hair I was gonna use with this shoot^^ And BTW, to all animal activists among you, Mr.BoVine is alive and well, mowing our lawn right ATM alongside Rudy, our pet reindeer. Actually he's a she, LOL, a Jersy Dairy Cow from Sculpty Creations Animals. Their animal sculpties are awesome, udderly! ;p
.....That's all folks! Have a great weekend!

Cya! =^.~=Megg