Sunday, June 28, 2009

Partisan Princess: 7BCargoPants etal

:sey 7B Cargo Pants in Khaki

:sey Fur and Leather Cloth, black leather on red

:sey Dear Necklace Cross&AK47
:sey Long Necklace "P"

cap and gun from LPP's Sexadoll Officer set
LittleHeaven's Nathalie in Dark Chocolate

location at s.i.c.49's sick and sick2 SIMs



The black leather gloves also came with the LPP pack. The partisan princess had a lot of fun stalking around the Sick SIMs =^.^= Also managed to blow quite a bit in the various shops, on all those little post-Apocalyptic goodies she just HAD to have, lol.

After the perilous missions, shopping sprees, being the comrade commandants favorite little adjutant, what it comes down to at the end of the day, is she's just a good party girl XD

Cya! There's a New Release posting to follow, too!
=^.~=Megg @:sey