Wednesday, July 8, 2009

:sey New Free Gift

As announced in Group Notices, we have new free gifts for all of you!
It's for everyone, not just group members!

Two exclusive version bags, available only in our Takaraduka and Primitive City shops respectively. You can use the LMs on the posters below, or TP from our Main Store: look for these posters in the New Release panel =^.^=

Very upscale quality stores primarily by Japanese creators.
You'll likely find more than a few items to complement your :sey wardrobe in this shopping area.


Primitive City! Risey finds it a true honor opening a new shop here.
A super cool build, too, so look around, check out Geyer's Primitive Designs Main Store =^.~=

Primitive City

We continue to receive numerous invitations for new shop openings in high quality malls and posh shopping area. However, we are declining all such offers at the moment. Our opening in Primitive City is an exception, since it has been a long-standing promise between Risey and his good friend Geyer Schnyder. Risey is having to turn down offers from other good friends, and he's feeling pretty bad about it : ( Our sincere apologies.