Wednesday, May 9, 2012


■この企画は終了しました。 ありがとうございました。(5/14)
■Sorry, This event has ended as of Monday 14.Thank you!

So, here's the Special Reviewer Gift version of the recently released Men's Cardigan. It's NOT for sale, it's an exclusive gift for those of you who write reviews for this mesh cardigan in the Marketplace during the advance sale period until May 14. Actually, you get both the Black and the Black-67 versions in the package, neither of which will be available after this offer.
AND, if you write more than one review, you can have the extra gifts entitled to you per review to your friends - just drop us a note whom you want them sent to^^b
The gifts will be sent out to you inworld after the May 14 deadline and the end of the special discount campaign only in the Marketplace.

A few footnotes about this release:
This cardigan is based on what Risey describes as his stock of offline beta excercises from circa 2010. But like, hey! they look a whole lot better than he had ever imagined, once he rezzed them inworld! Encouraged, he's eager to come up with more new mesh creations, so keep checking us out for a string of new releases to come!
And speaking of encouragement, Risey's reading all the kind reviews that you guys are writing for his cardigan in the Marketplace, and feeling very much hearted and grateful! Any feedback is most welcomed and appreciated, so don't miss your opportunity to get the new mesh cardigan at a discount, and also get the exclusive gift offer to boot!

先日発売したMen's Cardiganのレビューギフトです (非売品)
詳しくはこちらをご覧ください>> REVIEWER BONUS!

僕は字は読むのも書くのも嫌いなんだけど レビューは全部読んでます
今回の服は1年以上前にベータで作った物のリメイクなので南半球向けになってしまいましたが また作りたくなってきたし今月からSIMオーナーになったので また頑張ります